Nissan naredil raztur, drugič

Še malo avtomobilskih novičk. 🙂 Nissan s svojim GT-R preseneča novinarje, ki so navdušeni nad zmogljivostmi in več praktičnostjo japonskega superšportnika. V angleški avtomobilski reviji CAR so med drugim napisali tudi:

“After the track (mišljen je Nűrburgring), we drive out through the Eifel mountains, which are less well-suited to putting the car´s impressive 1.0g cornering force to the real test than the ‘Ring, but they form a perfect natural stadium for checking out the real-life handling and roadholding qualities. It´s here on narrow, crudely patchworked roads that the Nissan says auf wiedersehen to the scrambling, screeching 911 Turbo we have as a chase car. The magic word is compliance. Where the Porsche pitches and yaws like a speedboat in heavy seas, the GT-R simply soaks up vagaries and maintains a straight line.”

… ter nadaljevali na internetu:

“Just as that old GT-R resets the standards for front-engined coupés, so the new one lifts the bar ever higher. An M3 beater? Easily. M5? Think higher. This car is faster, more high-tech, sharper, more capable. Faster than a 911 Turbo on the straight. Or on the circuit. And all for normal 911 money. Genius.”

Nissan’s new GT-R: first ride – CAR Magazine

[youtube dsbfE4RDVgY]

Nemcem se že tresejo kolena. 😈